For people who don't want to download 350MB+ of GIT blobs
to get 180kB of source code, here is a copy of the fs/9p directory
in the latest v9fs kernel tree.

This file is updated nightly.
This file hasn't been updated since 2006.  9P is now part of the standard kernel tree.

9p.tgz (date and checksum)

To build:
    make -f Makefile.module install

To use:
    modprobe 9p2000
    mkdir /mnt/acme; mount -t 9P -o proto=unix,name=$USER /tmp/ns.x40/acme /mnt/acme
    mkdir /n/sources; mount -t 9P -o proto=tcp /n/sources	#

You must use an IP address -- mounting instead
of will hang indefinitely.  The name=$USER argument  
sets the user named given in the Tattach message (default nobody).  
Acme requires that the attach uname be the name of the user who 
started acme.